(Brisbane and Melbourne have got the 787 or A350). My tray was cleared less than 90 minutes after takeoff, so I was ready to get some rest with about 9hr30min remaining to Milan. I’ve had some amazing TG business class flights where I didn’t need to ask for a thing – and others where the service was completely lacked coherence. There were nearly 200 movies, and also quite a few TV shows. I also find their catering top rate. I boarded through the forward door, where I was greeted by two flight attendants who couldn’t have been kinder. Would love to try this product. This brand new cabin has a purple colour scheme decorated with fresh orchids and a contemporary orchid wall decor. Thanks for the great review Lucky. Business Class passengers enjoy wider, more comfortable seats.There are 32 seats in Royal Silk Class, which was designed for maximum Business Class passenger comfort, by placing a distance of 41-46 inches between seat rows. It remains one of my favorite business class experiences, just under Japan Airlines. This was one of the best airline breakfasts I’ve had in a long time. 0. One would like to see Thai recover but by any objective measure, sadly, that ship has sailed. Thai Airways have replaced their Boeing 777 service with a new Airbus A350 to tie in its European services. Limited Time Offer: Earn 100,000 Marriott Bonvoy points | Terms Apply. I worked all through the night during the flight, and the staff couldn’t have been more attentive. You must be very lucky to get those who are proud of doing their job. They also had extremely reasonable prices and undercut the other airlines on this route with a special offer by about 1.000€. At that point I selected the only remaining “true” window on the left side, which was 15A. Also, about 10 minutes later the flight attendant came by to take my meal order in a very detailed fashion (what I wanted to drink after takeoff, what I wanted for dinner, what I wanted for breakfast, if I wanted to be woken up, etc.). This site is for entertainment purposes only. THAI’s A350 XWB consists of 321 seats. Boarding, as seems to be the rule in Japan, was orderly and fast. unless a vintage or Grande Dame, but the NV is an entry-level champagne. The cabin manager even approached each passenger and asked “do you have suggestions for how we can improve our service?” Wow. Outside of banner ads published through the Boarding Area network, this compensation does not impact how and where products appear on this site. Galley. I find the service has improved on TG over the past few years. The headphone jack and 110v USB outlet were located underneath the seat and to the right. Thai A350-900 at NRT Gate 44. @ Miguel — Thailand has worked on getting back to a Category 1 rating with the FAA. Airbus A350-900. I’m often hard on Thai for the poor financial shape it is in and for its dated business class on the 747 and 777. The best seats in this configuration are the “true” window seats, which make it easy to look out of the window and also have privacy. Lavatories 10. Business Class Seats 32. Breeze Airways Wants To Pay Pilots How Much?! I was quite excited to experience Thai Airways Business Class and it's well known on-board service. The seat width is 21 inches, with 180 degree recline, giving passengers easy access to entry and exit from their respective seats without disturbing other passengers.Your reclining chair is your lounge, office and bed in the clouds. As you would expect the service was exceptional. I also did a leg in First and was the only passenger. I love the 747 but angle flat seats on a 12-ish hour flight just doesn’t cut it anymore no matter how good the food or service. But Thai continues to struggle to get people to pay for it : in your case they were virtually giving it away( and good for you and others able to ticket that way).But for ROP members ( and those paying money) they still want to charge a huge premium over the competition. Thai’s A350 doesn’t offer a premium economy class, instead boasting 289 standard economy seats in a … Thailand is mostly a leisure market that’s highly price sensitive, and the economics of operating an ultra long haul flight without high yield business demand is challenging. Impressed. Lucky what did you reply when asked if there was anything they could do to improve the service? This is a pretty traditional staggered configuration, virtually identical to Vietnam Airlines’ A350 business class, for example. Thai Airways A350 business class was spectacular, which I wasn’t expecting. The new Business Class menu feature choices of Thai… While it takes some getting used to, it felt appropriate for Thai, and I appreciated the bold design they chose. The service was excellent. This is the aircraft type I was supposed to be on during my HND-BKK route. Thai is awesome. I was super tired but also couldn’t sleep, despite conditions more or less being ideal. To get best search result, the specific flight number is needed. And as you can see they have kept the overhead bins in the center section, like Cathay Pacific but unlike China Airlines, Qatar and Singapore, for the A350's I've had the pleasure to fly. They are excellent. WhatsApp. If Thai used the A350 & A380 exclusively in their long haul fleet I would fly them far more often and they would have a great hard product and a fairly top end soft product when the crew get it right which IME they usually do. Start to finish. Going to do so soon. Earn 60,000 bonus points | 2X points on travel and dining. I was completely blown away by the service. I selected one of the Thai options, specifically the Pad Prik Khing — it consisted of stir-fried salmon and string beans with chili paste. As we climbed out I browsed the entertainment selection. It means they can perform the entire service without using carts, since they simply remove your tray when you’re done with each course. Thai Airways business class dinner — main course. We also offer wider seats with more than generous legroom that you cannot find amongst other worldwide airlines. One of the most underrated hard/soft products out there – the food has always been sublime, though I rarely care for the random assortment of appetisers to start off. They pointed me down the left aisle towards my seat. Baby Bassinet. The entertainment and Wi-Fi were very good as well. Aircraft Type Code 359. Then at 12:40AM we began our pushback, and five minutes later we started our taxi. Soon after that, service and food started going downhill, and prices got higher. If you wanted to buy Wi-Fi, Thai’s Wi-Fi pricing is as follows: I ended up buying the 500MB pass. The better color scheme, similar flat seats, and meals. As a side note, their food even in coach on short flights is better than business class on US carriers. Bangkok (BKK) – Milan (MXP) Thai Airways A350 Business Class Cabin There are 2 classes on the Thai Airways A350 with 32 Royal Silk Class (business class) and 289 economy seats. Thai’s two-class A350s feature 32 seats in business class … Thai Airways business class dinner — champagne & nuts. Thai Airways business class juice & warm towel. After the meal the crew offered to make my bed, so I checked out the lavatory during that time. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I chose Tamarind Tea (Thai ice tea) which is only catered on THAI's flight out of Bangkok. Now a days their food menu detoriated a bit. Let’s get to know the brand new Thai Airways Airbus A350-900XWB (Extra Wide Body), which was just recently introduced. Happy and Safe travels. Telegram. The spacious overhead area was designed to improve in-flight comfort, with bigger overhead stowage compartments, larger panoramic windows, with more space in all classes of service. And the food looked amazing! After the conclusion of the meal I ordered a cappuccino. @ JDS — Hah, sharp observation! That’s a lot more useful of a question than “everything was alright, yes?” which you get on some other airlines. Have you ever sat on the right side of an A350 before? For example, if I had tacked on a flight from, say, Fiji, the rate would have dropped to 75,000 miles, even though I’d be flying a few thousand moremiles. Reminder: OMAAT comments are changing soon. Thai Airways A350 Royal Silk Business Class. I guess the crazy week of travel had caught up with me. It was served with Tom Jiew Nua (spicy beef soup with sweet potatoes and mixed herbs), stir-fried sweet pork, stir-fried snap peas with garlic, and steamed jasmine rice. Overall: The experience in business class on the 777-200 was fairly mediocre and … It’s not just that I wouldn’t hesitate to fly with them again, but I’d actually seek them out. While Thai Airways has several destinations in Europe, this was the best in terms of schedule and getting me on one of their planes with new business class seats. While Thai Airways serves business class meals on trays (rather than directly on the tray table), that system actually makes sense for them, because they’re so efficient. Waiting in the literature pocket were the menu and wine list for the flight. There are 32 business class seats arranged in a … Given what a late departure this was, I was happy to see how quickly after takeoff the meal service began.

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